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Pencarn Forge in Cornwall

Pencarn Forge, Canonstown, Nr Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 6NA.

Tel: (01736) 740586

Fax: (07970) 451 999











Set in the heart of Penwith, the most westerly point of Cornwall is
Pencarn Forge.

Steeped in
history, the forge has been around for a few hundred years, serving as a Wheelwrights, a Coffin Makers and today as a thriving Blacksmiths shop and forge.
Blacksmith and Farrier,
Dan Harding AFCL RSS
runs Pencarn Forge and combines modern metalwork and traditional Blacksmithing techniques to produce some of the finest wrought ironwork available.
Feel free to explore this site.
From here you can browse previous work, read the history of the forge and have a virtual tour of the blacksmiths shop.
If you have any comments on this site, or would like to know more about anything seen here, then feel free to contact us from the contacts page or on the details to the left.
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The Forge Today

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The Forge, Circa 1885

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Dan Harding